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Obtain NFTs from our Gaming Marketplace that you fit your personality! Import your NFTS into single player and multiplayer games! Compete against friends and help us reach our goal to save 1M+ animals Worldwide!

Please note, our Certik Audit will be completed upon launch.

Certik Audit.

Every time someone buys


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we are working for!


Legal Entity

We are registered as an LLC- This lets you to know you have a team that is committed to the project!


App Development

We are developing our first games so that our users can play them on IOS and Android! This ensures everyone can enjoy the fun!


NFT Marketplace

We will have an NFT marketplace to allow you to buy and sell NFTs. a portion of all profits are donated to different animal charities!


Launch Process

The project was worked on for months meticulously before launch – this includes a robust whitepaper and a soon to be released Audit!


Upcoming Partnerships

We have obtained partnerships with numerous charities and companies. This allows us to execute our plans effectively! We plan to sponsor animal shelters, charities, & other organizations to help reach our goals!


Locked Wallets

The marketing wallet & future development wallets are completely locked & vested on the launchpad website. This ensures a project with longevity!

Flight Map

Learn more about what we have planned!


• WL Activity
• Marketing on Social Media
• Presale
• Launch
• Listing on CG & CMC


• Initiate Certik Audit
• Listing on CEX #1
• Listing on CEX #2
• Release of 1st Game + Staking
• Utilize Partnerships


• Increased Marketing
• Listing on CEX #3
• Begin Weekly Article Post
• Release of Redesigned NFT Marketplace
• Trading of Gaming NFTs
• Expansion to 2nd Chain
• Release of 2nd Game


• Improve 1st Game based on feedback
• Listing on CEX #4 (Top 10 Exc)
• PAWZ Merch Giveaway
• Begin Design for PAWZ Exchange
• Redesign PAWZ Wallet


• Improve 2nd Game
• Airdrop + Release of PAWZ Exchange
• Release of PAWZ Wallet
• PAWZ Virtual & Physical Card
• Expand to 3rd Chain
• Release of VR Beta

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01 | Are my donations tax deductible?

All companies Endorsed by PAWS team are 501c3’s. They are tax deductible. Animal Adoption Advocacy is an LLC, direct donations made to us are not tax deductible; The team is currently discussing ways to make track tax deductible and non-deductible donations for all users prior to release of the PAWs APPp.

Once the PAWZ app is developed, 90% of direct donations will go to the selected charity/orphanage. The remaining 10% will be used for processing fees and maintenance/development of the app. Additionally, 50% of all profits from purchases made through the PAWZ App will go to the charity/orphanage selected by the buyer or the PAWZ team.

Animal Adoption Advocacy has developed a proprietary method that involves multiple layers of analysis to determine the trustworthiness and effectives of a non-profit in order to determine if it is a good fit for our mission.

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